Photo restoration

No matter how careful we are with safekeeping our old photo memories, paper can only last for so long … the colours are starting to fade, creases are starting to develop and the corners become worn. So many memories are lost forever … We need to restore and save those rare remaining bits of heart-warming moments before it happens. Modern editing tools allow us to completely recover any damaged parts of a photo and make it look untouched.
We offer professional photo restoration, no matter how complex it is, and focus not only on restoring the damaged parts, but also on maintaining the style and the artistic value of the photo. We can restore old, ripped, cut, dirty, discolored, or cracked photos. We can also replace the background, if requested.

As each photo is unique and may require various degree of restoration, we are not able to provide a fixed price. Please contact us with your damaged photo and we will estimate the extent of the damage and will provide a firm quote.

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