Professional photo retouch requires a deep knowledge of the latest photo editing tools and years of practice. A particular attention to details and ability to use a wide arsenal of methods is key to great results. We offer two levels of retouch: light touch up (basic) and glamour retouch.

Retouch basic

Retouch (retouche in French, meaning touch up, edit) is an artistic photo editing with the purpose of enhancing the image, remove defects, or simply add a certain style. If you are looking to make slight improvements and look beautiful, we offer professional photo retouching to remove any blemishes and highlight your natural beauty. Basic retouch includes color correction, removing skin blemishes and scars, teeth whitening, skin tightening, and double chin removal.

Glamour retouch


Glamour retouch is distinguished by studio level professional photo editing that would satisfy the standards of commercial quality in the magazine and advertising industries. Glamour retouch includes color correction (RAW processing), skin, eyes, nose and other face enhancements, correction of the body shape, teeth, hair style, make up, and image background, as needed. True beauty without blemishes and high-quality imaging – that’s the goal of every project we take on.